Precious Prints - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages that are appropriate for impressions?

I make impressions of people and pets newborn to adults. From their first day through adulthood it is never too late to take an impression and preserve a moment in time.

What can I expect during my appointment?

An appointment for an impression does not take long. You will come to my home studio and choose from a variety of plate sizes and colors. Once you have reached a decision it will take moments to make your impression. You will be contacted when the order is complete.

How long will it take to process my order?

To deliver the best quality product, your order will be completed within 4-6 weeks. As soon as your order is complete, I will notify you. If you prefer, I can ship your order to you - just $10 for the first plate and $5 for each additional.

Where do I pick-up my product when it is finished?

You can pick up your order at my house. The same place your impression was made. With special events or impressions made in specific locations you may be able to pick them up where you had the impressions made.

Do you make house calls?

Yes. Please call me for those special occasions. I gladly make house calls, hospital visits, etc. for a nominal fee. I can travel to a site within 25 miles of my home studio for an additional fee of $25, and a site between 25-50 miles away for $50. Want me to waive the fee? Just get your friends/family to meet me at your house! Have at least 5 orders (including yours) and I will waive the drive fee.

Do you do parties or fundraisers?

Yes. Minimum orders are required. Please call and I will set up a time for your special occasion.

Can I Buy A Gift Certificate?

Yes. Gift certificates are great for many occasions Ė baby showers, birthdays, Motherís and Fatherís day, and for grandparents, too! Just call and order over the phone.

What Happens If My Print Is Damaged?

I am committed to producing high quality products. I use time-tested materials and processes. However, on occasion defects occur due to misfirings, glaze impurities or material contaminants. If this happens to your plate I will be happy to redo your order at no additional cost.

What size of plate would be best for my child?

Many sizes and styles are available, but please keep in mind that often the size of plate will be determined by the size of the childís hand or foot.